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Jame Baft Manufacturing Company was registered in 1362 and obtained an operating license from the Ministry of Industries in the city

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Jameh Baft manufacturing company

Jame Baft was registered in 1983 and was launched in Tabriz after obtaining an operating license from the Ministry of Industries.

With the aim of producing warm winter and autumn clothing, this company established its circular flat knitting lines (kashbaf or drawer knitting) and also set up sewing and finishing lines for warm clothing, including the production and sewing of women’s, men’s and children’s sweaters. And now it is equipped with a complete production line of all kinds of woven clothes and a cutting and sewing line of textile fabrics.

1983 to 2023


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We are committed to attracting and retaining customers and creating a deep connection with them by designing special, inspiring and unique products. Our mission is to provide valuable services, produce 100% Iranian clothing with excellent quality, update production technology at the global level and empower our employees.
Our vision is to become the largest and most popular clothing manufacturer in the country and the top exporter of 100% Iranian clothing to Europe and Asia.