Jame Baft manufacturing company
Jameh Baft Manufacturing Company was founded in 1983

After obtaining the operation license from the Ministry of Industry, the factory was set up in Tabriz city
The company’s goal is to produce warm garments. So the company set up its flat knitting lines and also launched the sewing and finishing units to manufacture knitted garments including all kinds of sweaters, women, men and children’s sweater.

1983 to 2023


years of experience

Exporting clothes to Europe and Central Asia

In less than ten years, the company begun to export its products to European countries. Now, nearly twenty three years later, the exports have been continued and export to Central Asian countries also takes place.

The company’s products are distributed and sold in Europe and Asia under name of Annabella Moda, our export brand.
During these years Jameh Baft Co. has received numerous national awards including “Leading Exporter Company”, “Premier Industrial Unit”, “Quality Products Award”, etc.

Exclusive production of knitting garments for your brand (Private Label Branded)

Private label knitting garment, or branded knitting garment, is our specialty. Generally, this involves the use of fashion-forward or high-end garments, specialized printing techniques, and custom labeling/relabeling. Private label knitting garment is almost always branded officially by means of a custom inside neck print or woven label installation. Additionally, brands will also request other services like installing hang tags, applying a print finish, folding & poly bagging merchandise, or installing woven labels on cuffs or hems.

Meet our excellent team of professional conspiracy and mystery solvers

Mansoor Shahbakhti

Chairman of the Board of Jame Baft Company and Member of the Board of Directors of Liapood Company, a graduate of Concordia University of Canada in the field of geology

Masoud Shabakhti

Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Jame Baft Company, Member of the Board of Directors of Liapood Company, a graduate of Shiraz University in the field of agronomy

Sina Shabakhti

Factory manager and vice chairman of Jame Baft company, member of the board of directors of Liapood company, graduated from Amirkabir University in the field of textile engineering and MBA